What areas do you serve?

That Doula Guy is located in the Denver, CO metro area.

I am also available for travel to other cities and even other states! If you are LGBTQ, expecting a baby, and are looking for a competent, compassionate postpartum doula, let’s talk! Travel rates are negotiable.

4 thoughts on “What areas do you serve?

  1. Hi Mac! You came recommended through Atwater Village Moms on Facebook. I’m interested in sleep consulting for my nearly 1-year-old. We need a strategy for very early morning wakings — the late 4’s and early 5’s where my son hasn’t had enough sleep but has a terrible time going back to sleep on his own (though he is an independent sleeper and a competent self-soother otherwise). Does this sound like something that you could help with? Could we chat a bit before I hire you?

    Thank you!


  2. Hello,

    I live in Canada and i would love to pick your brain on a company that I’m opening. please email me if that is possible. I LOVE YOUR PAGE!!!


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