Infant Sleep Consulting

Are you seeking infant sleep guidance that is both gentle and effective? Do you want to avoid cry-it-out, but nothing you have tried works? Do you want to teach your child how to wake less, fall asleep easier, and need less help from you at night?

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Families need tailored support and a sleep plan that is unique to the family’s needs, desires and sleep history — and the support to change the plan if needed. Whether your baby has been or is still breastfeeding, is co-sleeping or crib sleeping, my job is to help you sort through all of the noise of sleep advice, and find what works for your family.

Why should you hire me?

What separates my approach from traditional “sleep trainers” is my dedication to biological and evidence-based perspectives, along with attention to the stresses of modern life and a whole-family approach. Because of this, my clients get uniquely tailored solutions that balance the needs of the parents and the baby. My clients are supported in relieving anxieties and becoming more confident parents.

Additionally, I provide families with the most important information on infant sleep cycles and sleep associations, and dispel common myths about infant sleep. When you work with me, you will learn valuable tools as we create your sleep plan together. Every sleep plan is customized to the individual family’s needs and goals.


As Selah approached one year old, I realized that meant it had been about 20 months since I had had a good night’s sleep. What’s more, the strategies we had been using to support Selah’s sleep seemed less and less successful. Enter Mac to save the day with his sleep consulting. Through attentive listening, thoughtful questioning, and ongoing dialogue, Mac gave us both the knowledge and the confidence to night-time parent in a way consistent with our values and to better support Selah’s sleep. We couldn’t be more grateful!”
– Sarah, mom to baby Selah

How to book a consultation

Regular rate is $120, payable via PayPal.

Each consultation includes:

  • 90-minute phone or Skype consultation
  • Detailed plan of action emailed to you
  • Up to 6 email exchanges as you implement changes

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Once your payment is received, I will contact you within 24 hours to schedule our consult.

In-person coaching
For those seeking in-person overnight support, I do offer home visits in the Denver metro area. This is most appropriate for babies under 8 months of age. In-person support is billed separately at $30/hour.

Mac is a certified Sleep Savvy consultant, trained by Moorea Malatt.

Sleep Savvy Certified Gentle Sleep Consultant