A different kind of doula

What makes you “a different kind of doula?”

Philosophy: As a queer-identified man, I know how challenging it can be to find truly inclusive birth and postpartum care providers. I specialize in working with LGBTQ families because my community deserves culturally competent, sensitive, and excellent care for our families.

Values: I provide kind, compassionate, non-judgmental support to diverse parents welcoming a new baby (or babies) to their family.

Experience: As a trained birth and postpartum doula, I have the knowledge and skills to guide and support parents as they labor to bring their baby earthside, and nurture their new child in the early days. From the first days your baby comes home, my goal is to help you bond with your newest addition, by supporting the wellbeing of the parent(s), child(ren), and the entire household with information, assistance, and an extra set of hands.  My years of experience as a social worker, serving children and families of all shapes and sizes, has given me the education and resources needed to support your entire family during the exciting transition of welcoming a new baby.

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