Mac was my wife’s birth doula and he was a huge asset to our birthing team. He kept us both calm and sane during our long labor. He was super helpful and offered advice when needed and stayed quiet at other times. He gives a great back rub too! I would recommend him to anyone wanting to have an awesome birth with an awesome doula!”
— Dylan, partner of birth client

Mac was my birth Doula and was absolutely fantastic. His calm and steady energy was perfect for the anxiety of the labor & delivery ward. He respected my birth wishes and gave us a lot of well-researched information. I would highly recommend his services.”
— Kandarpa, birth client

Mac was full of thoughtful guidance and helpful suggestions! He was kind and caring and gently attuned to the babies. He was expert and experienced at such competent, complex twin care!”
— Amy, mom to twins

Mac’s vast knowledge in multiple areas was more than insightful! I found myself watching him, how he interacted with the twins and would take mental notes. Even the little minor things like how he held them or a bottle has proven to be optimal. Mac is professional, assertive without any arrogance whatsoever… very calm and neutral support to us. Honestly he helped in every aspect of our parenting lives that if I went into everything I’d be writing a 2 page essay! I will add his sleep training tips have set us up for success. I’m beyond thrilled and grateful we made the decision to hire him. I truly believe we would have had it way more rough figuring things out on our own without his caring support.”
— Candice and Carl, parents to twins

Our Selah would not be the little person she is were it not for Mac’s loving care. He filled her days with joy and exploration enveloped by comfort and safety. Selah quickly came to adore Mac, and that no doubt stems from the giggles he brought her, the world he showed her, and the soothing he offered when needed. We also want to thank Mac for supporting us as a growing family. From mundane tasks like regular dishwasher emptying to more meaningful conversations both about caring for babies and about life, Mac helped to shepherd us us into more ease with parenting. Words will never be enough to express our gratitude.”
— Sarah and Dave, parents to baby Selah

We appreciate everything you did to make our time in Los Angeles go so smoothly, and to make us feel much more confident as we assume our new role as parents.”
— Andy and Glenn, dads to baby Micah

Mac has cared for our family since the twins were born 3 months ago. We have been and still are extremely happy with the care that he provided to our family. He is caring, reliable, skilled, patient and knowledgeable. We highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for help caring for their newborn(s).”
— Gil and Tomer, dads to twins Maya and Ben

Mac is a rare gem. Interviewing him was like sitting down with a old friend who you were getting reacquainted with. He is absolutely professional, inquisitive, easily measures the temperature of the room, and finds where he fits in. He was polite, courteous and considerate.”
— Jennifer and Suzanne Echemendia-Wirth

“Mac came into our single parent household with a newborn, 4 pets, and an exhausted single mom, and he was warm, energetic, punctual, organized, diligent, detail oriented, and took initiative – whether it be little nursery reorganization projects; bringing home listings of local baby play classes; putting together baby’s dresser; or cleaning up the house and folding baby’s laundry.

“He was organized in tracking baby’s feedings, diaper changes, and sleep schedule, and keeping a daily journal of their activities and developmental play time. Mac was always learning – whether that be reading and researching different sleep training techniques or learning about different baby wearing methods. Mac was also instrumental in getting my baby in a routine and providing love, affection, attunement, and stimulation through play, talking, singing and mini outdoor adventures that he would make sure were developmentally on target (and he’d take the dogs too!).

“I felt implicit trust and safety leaving my child with Mac, knowing that not only would my baby be cared for but that he would be having fun and learning too. Mac became part of our family and we will never forget him!”
— Georgina S., mom to baby D.

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